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Before I started attending Performance One, I had gone to multiple other gyms and worked out with a few different trainers. On my first day at P1, I thought this would just be ‘another gym, another trainer’. I can’t express enough how WRONG I was. There is never a day I don’t walk out of a workout feeling empowered. Jason is an expert at what he does. He is not pushy or aggressive like some trainers. He is caring, compassionate and dedicated. He truly wants to see his clients succeed and I always look forward to going back. Jason trains from the heart and I couldn’t ask for a better fitness center or the people that surround it. P1 is not just an exercise facility…its family, it’s fun!  
Shelly Thompson

"Exercising was never a fun thing for me until I hired Jason O'Bryan as my Personal Trainer.
Being a Sr. Citizen, I needed a program that considers all my handicaps. (and there are several!) Jason understands my needs and personalizes a workout for me each week. He is always patient; never judges. He boosts my confidence. I've been working with Jason for one year now. My progress is slow, but I definitely see muscles forming! I would recommend Jason for anyone at any age!"
Anne Bradish


P1 has been a part of my life since it started back in 2011. I can attest that I would not have made the healthy strides that I have, if not for Jason and his staff. Losing weight, getting stronger (mentally & physically) couldn't have happened if not for taking the 1st step of coming to a BC class. I personally want to thank you, Jason, because of all you have done, I have accomplished so much and I couldn't have without all your drive, encouragement and time. My children also come to Speed & Agility and making exercise a part of our lifestyle, has been a wonderful thing. We owe so much to P1 for helping us see how important it truly is. 
Thank You, Karen Alley

Performance One and Jason have been heaven sent to my family. My son who has borderline hyperactivity goes to 1 on 1, Speed and Agility classes with Jason, twice a week before his PM Kindergarten class starts. Gavin has trained at the facility, the high school track and the Geneva bike trail. Jason helps keep him focused and motivated all while having fun. Jason goes out of his way to add little life lessons to promote Gavins growth both physically and mentally. For this, Gavin truly appreciates Jason as mentor, trainer and his morning workout buddy.  
Carli Montagner

Sherry Maruna - Yoga Testimonial:
I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and am amazed at the physical transformation that I have experienced. With two major knee surgeries and a serious curvature of my spine, I did not even think I could begin to do the yoga moves and positions that I now enjoy. Daniella's instructional style is encouraging and challenging at the same time. Her suggested modifications have allowed me to build strength despite my limitations. I now garden, wash my car and clean without being afraid my back and/or knees will give out! The interesting thing for me with yoga is the mental benefits. Sometimes I really feel like all I can do is just lay on the mat, but then the music comes on and Daniella's calm voice inspires me to at least stretch and before I know it I am doing Dancer and Warrior and Elephant, ok, maybe not Elephant yet but I walk away from class rejuvenated and happy! Yoga has become an important part of my life and I sure appreciate Daniella's expertise!
Sherry Maruna

I have had several yoga instructors in the 6 years I have been practicing and Daniella is by far my favorite. I attend her slow flow yoga, pilates, and more advanced yoga classes on a weekly basis. I have always been an athlete and exercise is an important part of my routine. Yoga has opened my eyes to a different way to work out and deal with the day to day stress of life. No matter what type of day I have had, I always leave Daniella's classes feeling not only physically strong, but mentally recharged and relaxed. I love how yoga is so individually focused and adaptable to different people's ability's and body types. Daniella is always full of ideas on how to modify moves to fit different people in class and so encouraging when trying new poses. I am able to enjoy better gym work outs because of the benefits of attending yoga regularly and I have never felt stronger or more comfortable with my body. 
Madilyn M. Maruna

Boot Camp has been such an amazing experience for me. I have just reached my one year anniversary of attending classes and I have lost inches, gained endurance, and always look forward to the next class. I have never been a good runner, but since I have started Boot Camp, I was able to complete my first 5K run this year. I like the fact that every class is different, but you get a great workout each time. Thank you to the wonderful instructors at Performance One Boot Camp for their encouragement to go beyond our normal limits and push ourselves to reach our own personal goals. I have found the entire experience at Performance One Boot Camp to be challenging, rewarding and very empowering.  
Deann Caswell

I have been training at performance one with Jason for a little over a year now. I can honestly say I actually enjoy working out now and look forward to my weekly sessions. In the little time I've been training I have improved immensely. I'm a much stronger athlete in more ways than one and my stamina and endurance has improved. Jason is an expert on what he does and knows how to form a work out that fits perfectly to his clients. Not only have I improved athletically, I have learned many life lessons from Jason. Those of commitment, mental toughness, dedication, and determination. Jason has a way of making you push yourself farther then you ever thought you could!
Abbie Thompson